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The Boating Bible Manual of Seamanship

If you want to develop your skills and become a competent crew member or skipper your own boat, The Boating Bible Manual of Seamanship is a good place to start - and you can get it right now!

The team at The Boating Bible has released Nautical Knowledge - the knowledge every sailor needs, whether cruising or racing, offshore or inshore. It's the perfect learning, testing and reference tool. Learn more about the Nautical Knowledge and read one purchaser's detailed review.

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The Manual is six multimedia CDs covering Boat Handling (two disks); Safety and Emergencies; Navigation and Passage Planning; Weathercraft; and Skipper and Crew and Knots. When you purchase the complete Manual you will receive a free 75 minute DVD – The Joys of Sailing.

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In The Boating Bible Manual of Seamanship you'll discover:
Checkmark How the four parts of a sailboat work - the hull, the mast, the rigging and the sails.
Checkmark The four knots you must know how to make - because your life depends on it.
Checkmark The basics of sail handling - how to set, tack, jibe and reef your sails.
Checkmark How to understand what the weather forecasts really mean.
Checkmark What to ask your new crew members to find out if they really know what they're doing.
Checkmark How to handle your sailboat confidently in all conditions - even in a storm.
Checkmark The secrets of traditional and electronic navigation - how to plot your course to adventure.
Checkmark Why you need checklists to be sure your boat is safe to take to sea.
Checkmark Everything you'll need to plan your dream trip to the south seas.
Checkmark LOTS MORE!

The six CDs that make up this Manual contain 58 animations which simplify boating manoeuvres, navigation problems, weather systems and more.

There is video footage to illustrate points made in the text, even to show a storm front coming through.

There are also five interactive quizzes where you can test your knowledge of flags, ships’ lights, rules of the road, sound signals and buoyage systems.

Buying The Boating Bible Manual of Seamanship will help you on your sailing journey so that you too can discover the magic of the sea.

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Jeem the seaman


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Jim Murrant and Ann Reynolds
Sydney, Australia
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