Sailing Articles

Here are articles by Jim Murrant which you may download and read. They are in the same writing style as
The Boating Bible Manual of Seamanship.

Sailing goose-winged


When you're cruising you're unlikely to want to put up the spinnaker unless you have a skilful crew aboard so sailing goose-winged will be the only way to go if your course takes you downwind. Read more ...

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EPIRBs - a simple check could save your life

It's disturbing to read that an estimated 40% of 406 MHz EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons) that are activated have not been registered. And registration is free! However the following story raises another concern, because the EPIRB involved had been registered...

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Matthew Flinders - an unsung hero

Each year on 16 March Annie and I celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Matthew Flinders by raising a glass in his name. Why? Because he discovered and 'cured' deviation.

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Don't let your GPS lead you astray

GPS is not infallible and the voyager should take seriously the possibility of danger from an incorrect position. Read on to learn some valuable tips to use when navigating with your GPS...

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Cutting the cant about canting keels

Let's start facing facts about yachts with canting keels. They are not yachts, they are motor boats and, as such, should be banned from competing with genuine yachts. Read more about canting keels...

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How to lose a mast under spinnaker

I have sailed on Russian boats twice in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. Both journeys were memorable, but for very different reasons. Read more about losing a mast under spinnaker...

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Cruising in the dark

So how do night techniques differ when cruising? Read more about cruising in the dark...

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On my hobbyhorse about weight

I couldn't believe my ears. And you won't believe this either unless I can convince you. This story, told me by a friend who is also a respected ocean racing sailor, made me wonder just how much of the basic, basic, basic forces involved in sailing some sailors understand. Read more about my hobbyhorse about weight...

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Make your own wind

No, I don't mean have beans for breakfast. I mean learning how to build up an apparent wind speed which is greater than the actual wind when very little is blowing. Read more about making your own wind ...