The Language of the Sea

New, expanded The Language of the Sea is yours in just one easy download. This eBook contains more than 1,000 nautical terms and their definitions and includes 55 illustrations.

And, it's fully searchable.

No more looking for a word, thumbing through pages or using other electronic ways. Just search for the word you want and up it pops and, when you've read it, you can browse around nearby or search for another word.

The Language of the Sea has all the words you need to know to sound like an old salt. You'll be able to understand the descriptions of battles of the medieval galleons and Nelson's victories - all the excitement of the war at sea. It will even help you to understand the terminology used in Master and Commander.

Some words may seem old-fashioned but they have been included because they are still in use in some areas of marine life. Many have come into the English language and enhanced it. Alongside such words are explanations of the little known Marsden squares, the AIS system which tracks vessels worldwide and depth sounders that look ahead.

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All available in a single, simple download. It's that easy.

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The Language of the Sea

  • It's easy to read
  • It's easy to search
  • It's a great on-board reference

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The Language of the Sea is a PDF accessible using Acrobat Reader or other PDF reader on both PC and Mac.

AU$12.95 AU$9.95 Buy The Language of the Sea eBook download

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