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The team at The Boating Bible has released the Nautical Knowledge - the knowledge every sailor needs, whether cruising or racing, offshore or inshore...

And if you are sitting for a maritime qualification this knowledge is mandatory and you will be tested on it.

Now all that you need to know is available in a single, simple download. It's that easy. And only AU$9.95.

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So, just what is in the Nautical Knowledge download?

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Each subject has a section where you can learn or revise it, as well as one or more quizzes for you to test your knowledge.

Rules of the Road

Which vessel has right of way? The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGs) try to cover every conceivable situation. But remember the overriding rule in every situation, every skipper MUST avoid a collision.


Buoyage - IALA Regions A and B

There are two main areas of the world where buoys indicate channels differently. Find out what the differences are - and where.


Navigation Lights

The lights on ships at night tell you what sort of vessel they are on, which way it's going, how big it is and what activity it is engaged in, if any. Your safety and that of your crew depends on your accurate recognition of the lights.


Signal Flags

These flags mean the same everywhere in the world - but WHAT do they mean?

Fog and other Sound Signals

Sound signals are not just random noises, they have specific meanings. For example, if you are in dense fog you need to know not only what sound(s) to make so that other vessels are aware of your presence but also what sounds other vessels will make.

Don't take our word for it

Here's how one person has used the Nautical Knowledge to prepare for his boating licence exam, in which he was successful:

Thank you for asking for my feedback concerning the Nautical Knowledge software.

I firstly wish to thank you both for making such an interactive and well presented software. To tell you the truth, without it, I would have been struggling to understand a lot of the navigational rules.

As it so happened, after I purchased the software I went through each of the sections a number of times and then completed the accompanying quizzes. I scored top marks for the buoyage section, and did extremely well in the lights and vessel lights section.

I then sat  for the boating license exam and passed it 41 from 50. Again, I couldn't have accomplished it with such self confidence had I not used your software. I have recommended it to others since using it.

What I found most helpful was the animated buoyage system and being able to see the markers during the day, and the lights only during the night. It made it extremely easy to learn. The rules of the road are quite straightforward with the diagrams...

Anyway, all in all, I take my hat off to you both for making a very useful tool not only for those interested in passing the exam and getting the boating license, but also for those wishing to revise their Nautical Knowledge. This will be a handy tool that I will use again and again.

Laszlo Horvath
South Australia

Nautical Knowledge

  • It's easy to learn
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  • It's an easy on-board reference

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